Strategic WRAP-OPRL alliance to help UK achieve Plastics Pact targets

Strategic WRAP-OPRL alliance to help UK achieve Plastics Pact targets

March 1, 2019
Press Release: WRAP

WRAP, which will be giving a presentation about the UK Plastics Pact at Plastic World Conference & Expo 2019 in June, announced yesterday that it has formed a strategic partnership with OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) that sets out how the two organizations can work together towards meeting the UK’s recycling targets.

To achieve packaging recycling targets of 70% by 2030 (Circular Economy package target) and 70% of plastic packaging by 2025 (The UK Plastics Pact target), the partnership will focus on three main facets. This includes providing consistent messaging on-pack to reduce confusion among consumers in the UK about what can and can’t be recycled. It will also look at improving the quality and quantity of household recycling in the UK. And finally, it will aim to improve the quality and quantity of ‘on the go’ recycling in the UK.

“Our latest research for Recycle Now shows that more than half (54%) of citizens put at least one item in the general rubbish bin that could have been recycled,” said Peter Maddox, director of WRAP UK. “Helping citizens to recycle more – and more often – is crucial to achieving the targets we have committed to. It makes absolute sense that we do this in close partnership with OPRL, whose on-pack messaging is recognized and understood by more than three in four citizens.”

“Our continuing close relationship with WRAP is very important to us as we know consistent, evidenced messaging is essential in securing the trust and action of citizens,” added Jane Bevis, chair of OPRL. “Our latest research shows that advice on-pack is the single most important source of information for citizens on recycling, but that people also seek information from other trusted sources to support this.”

WRAP will continue its delivery of the successful Recycle Now citizen campaign alongside broader recycling messages, while OPRL will remain responsible for on-pack recycling messages, using Recycle Now iconography under exclusive license.

Plastic Free World Conference & Expo 2019 will take place from Thursday 27 June to Friday 28 June, at the Kap Europa, Frankfurt Messe, Frankfurt, Germany. To register for this highly focused and solutions-driven event, please click here. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please email

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