Two billion plastic bottles transformed thanks to perPETual polymerization process

Two billion plastic bottles transformed thanks to perPETual polymerization process

April 26, 2019
Press Release: perPETual

A significant contribution to reducing plastic pollution has been made by perPETual

Plastic Free World Conference & Expo speaker perPETual Global Technologies Ltd (perPETual) has reached a remarkable milestone in the past few weeks, having recycled its two billionth used plastic bottle using its own proprietary-developed and patented sustainable recycling process.

perPETual achieved this on the 16 April 2019 with its manufacturing partner based in India, where it is currently recycling approximately 2.5 million bottles daily. These bottles are transformed into sustainable ester, which in turn can be used to manufacture a wide range of high-quality, sustainable, recycled polyester products.

Every year, 600 billion plastic bottles are used around the world, and pollution from plastic waste has been hitting headlines for years. However, Dr Vivek Tandon, CEO and co-founder of perPETual, has a different vision of used plastic. “Isn’t it crazy that dirty, toxic crude oil mined out of the ground is referred to as ‘black gold’ whereas plastic bottles used just once to contain clean drinking water are referred to as waste after just one use?’ he said. “We at perPETual see used plastic bottles not as waste but as a valuable resource that can be efficiently transformed to replace conventional oil-based chemicals. We have developed the world’s only known profitable, commercial-scale process that can help reduce the world’s plight of waste plastic bottles by making it highly profitable to recycle them.”

perPETual has developed and patented a depolymerization process to break down plastics back into esters (the base chemical building block to make poly(esters)). The company’s process uses 86% less water and 75% less energy than the conventional method of producing esters from crude oil. The esters produced by perPETual are currently used to produce high-quality, sustainable filament yarns which are used by many of the world’s leading clothing and apparel brands. Many of these brands – impressed with the high quality of yarn produced – have expressed intentions of using 100% sustainable polyester made from used plastic bottles in their products in the future.

“I am so pleased to have crossed this milestone with our partner in India,” Dr Tandon added. “To date, perPETual has maintained a low profile, but due to customer demand for more product and the successful scaling-up of our process, we now seek both financial and industrial partners to expand our process globally. Together we can make a material difference to our world.”

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