TOMRA launches innovative new flake-sorting technologies

TOMRA launches innovative new flake-sorting technologies

April 3, 2019
Press Release: TOMRA

An innovative approach to plastics recycling sorting

With a suite of sensor-based sorting solutions under its belt to optimize recycling and resource-recovery operations – including flake-sorting technologies for applications such as PET flakes, PO flakes, PE/PP flakes, PVC and PVC window frames – TOMRA Sorting Recycling offers an enviable portfolio of technological options for the plastics recycling sector.

The company’s ‘Autosort Flake’, for instance, is claimed by the Norwegian specialist to be first system to successfully and simultaneously combine detection of color, enhanced material information and metal objects. Regardless of grain size, it reportedly sorts all types of polymers with the highest possible purity.

Moreover, with the tagline ‘Materially different with exceptional results’, TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s ‘Innosort Flake’ model combines both color and material sorting through NIR technology. The innovative PET flake-sorting sensor solution is equipped with a combination of RGB cameras and NIR sensors.

Both extremely effective systems optimize flake-sorting applications with minimal downtime.

The secret behind TOMRA’s accuracy is its patented ‘Flying Beam’ technology. Through its continuous calibration feature, customers can monitor and optimize the performance of their operations on a real-time basis, meaning increased stability and reduced system downtime while achieving constant high-quality yield.

Additionally, innovative and accurate lighting technology results in up to 70% energy savings while at the same time decreasing operating costs. On top of this, the ‘Fourline’ technology, high-speed, high-precision NIR sensors allow resolution up to 2mm, minimizing the loss of valuable product yield and leading to higher product recovery, ensuring greater profitability of product output.

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