The Collection of Tomorrow: Spinnova and Bergans launch fully circular textile concept

The Collection of Tomorrow: Spinnova and Bergans launch fully circular textile concept

December 3, 2019
Press Release: Spinnova

Finnish fiber company Spinnova and Norwegian outdoor brand Bergans have revealed plans to launch a fully circular, subscription-based takeback and reuse concept

Plastic Free World Conference & Expo 2020 exhibitor Spinnova, the sustainable fiber company, and the sustainable outdoor brand Bergans have launched the ‘Collection of Tomorrow’, a fully circular, subscription-based takeback and re-use concept that’s claimed “revolutionary” in the apparel industry.

Even though the product development begun very recently, the partners have worked quickly and have introduced their first prototype, a backpack, and are involving consumers in the R&D as co-owners of the fabric resource.

A limited number of consumers can now subscribe to the Collection of Tomorrow and become test users for the backpack. Later in the product life-cycle, Bergans can take the item back, and Spinnova can turn the same fabric into new fiber, of which Bergans makes another product for the subscriber.

The future goal is to circulate the same resource – Spinnova fiber – many times over, avoiding the creation of virgin materials. Spinnova is currently studying how many times the post-consumer fiber can be re-used in its process. The prototype backpack also includes other materials, all of natural origin; cellulose-based fiber lyocell, lamb wool and wood. There are no coating chemicals or plastic and metal accessories in the backpack, so the item can be put back into the cycle without dismantling.

Spinnova and Bergans began their journey last summer, so the Finnish-Norwegian collaboration has really fast-tracked into a small batch of industrially made products.

“This was a fast and very successful start!” enthused Spinnova’s CEO Janne Poranen. “We are so proud of the Bergans team’s open-minded attitude towards product development and brave co-creating with consumers at such an early stage. This will be a valuable, value-based long-term cooperation for us both.”

“Innovation and development are all about thinking new and then bringing the ideas to life,” added Bergans of Norway CEO Jan Tore Jensen. “It is in our nature to be impatient and eager to try new things. To me it seems that Spinnova is just as adventurous as us. Working with such a partner is liberating and, I think, absolutely imperative, if we are to achieve results.”

Spinnova’s unique process can use FCS-certified wood or cellulosic waste streams, and unlike all other cellulose-based fibers, the method involves no dissolving, harmful chemicals or side streams. As the fiber’s chemical compound is the same as paper, the fiber is quickly biodegrading and sheds no microplastics.

Bergans is an innovative company that has already conducted pioneering work on sustainability with redesign, recycling, repair and renting services. Spinnova’s sustainable fiber is a great match with Bergans’ sustainable ambition for its material base.

After successfully starting its pilot production line this year, Spinnova focuses on product development with brand owners, while making plans for commercial industrial scaling.

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