Sulapac part of the testing group of Circulytics – a measurement tool for circularity by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Sulapac part of the testing group of Circulytics – a measurement tool for circularity by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

January 20, 2020
Press Release: Sulapac

As a member of the CE100 network, Plastic Free World Conference & Expo exhibitor Sulapac was offered an opportunity to take part in the development of Circulytics, a company-level tool for businesses to measure and improve their circularity performance

Circulytics is a measurement tool that reveals the extent to which a company has achieved circularity across its entire operations. The indicators used for measuring the circularity have been developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in cooperation with 13 global partners and CE100 member companies. Sulapac has been among the 30 companies testing the tool during 2019 as the only Finnish participant. Other companies that took part in the testing include BASF, IKEA and Unilever.

“Transition to a more circular economy is a key priority in order to cope with global challenges such as plastic pollution and climate change,” said Maija Pohjakallio, sustainability director of Sulapac. “To accelerate and direct the transition the development of new metrics is essential, which underlines the significance and potential impact of Ciculytics.”

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to date, there hasn’t been a tool that measures the circularity of an entire business in a clear and comprehensive manner, as the previous measuring methods have focused solely on the end-product.

“A great benefit of the new tool is that it measures a company’s circularity in a holistic way, as areas such as strategy, innovation, people and skills and networking are also included in the metrics,” explained Pohjakallio. “Participating in the development of Circulytics was a very rewarding experience. As an outcome, we have a clearer picture of our strengths and areas for improvement.”

The tool is equally useful for companies such Sulapac, for which circularity is rooted deep in the company strategy, as well as businesses only learning the principles of circular economy. “Our ambition for Circulytics is to help any business, in any industry, anywhere in the world, recognize and unlock the potential of the circular economy,”concluded Andrew Morlet, CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in their press release.

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