Innovations And Bio-based Solutions To Create A World Free From Plastic Pollution


Plastic Free World Conference & Expo will cover a number of cross-industry topics focusing on four key verticals with industry-specific applications and solutions for reducing plastic waste as well as creating more circular and sustainable products through advanced design, construction, materials, testing, and reuse and recycling strategies.

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Eliminate unnecessary and single-use plastics from your packaging. Plus, source new materials and meet technical partners to help create truly sustainable solutions that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.


Designing and developing food and beverage solutions that will reduce plastic waste and create a more circular economy.


Bio-based and natural fibre solutions to tackle the major source of microplastic pollution caused by the clothing and textiles industry.


Creating truly sustainable vehicles and components from naturally sourced biomaterial solutions.

Retail And Consumer Goods Packaging

With calls from governments and consumers for the global packaging industry to eliminate single-use and unnecessary plastics, it is clear that clean-up operations and recycling efforts are not enough. In this two-day session, we will explore in detail the new innovations in design, bio-based materials, and manufacturing solutions that will help the global packaging industry and retailers create products and solutions that are readily recyclable, reusable, 100% biodegradable, and compostable. 

25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Track

Food And Beverage

Plastic has become the ultimate material for creating food-grade packaging and catering solutions but it has also become a major contributor to our global plastic crisis. Packaging and solutions for food can be made from a wide variety of polymers, which often makes them difficult to recycle. What is becoming clear is that the problem is too big for recycling alone, and with more governments and consumers around the world calling for a complete ban on single-use plastic, it is clear that the industry must find innovative and alternative solutions. 
In this stream, we will bring the entire industry supply chain together to create and design products and catering solutions that will meet food and beverage manufacturers requirements, whilst eliminating unnecessary plastics, introduce the use of new bio-based materials, and test them to ensure they are more easily recyclable, reusable, or 100% biodegradable.

25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Track

Fashion And Textiles

In this session, experts from the clothing, fashion, and textile industry will gather to hear leading experts share knowledge of new manufacturing solutions, innovative environmentally friendly fibres and materials, treatments and solutions to reduce the release of microfibres, and how to design products that are easily recycled after use to create a more circular economy.

25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Track

Automotive And Transportation

Automotive and transportation manufacturers have always been at the forefront of adopting new technology, and as the world begins to wake up to the global plastic crisis, so too have automotive manufacturers who are looking to adopt more bio-based and recycled materials into their vehicles as well as create a more circular economy when it comes to recycling and reusing materials at the end-of-life stage. 

This session will focus on next-generation bio-based materials, recycled materials, and biocomposites for vehicle interior and exterior applications enabling manufacturers and major suppliers to create vehicles and solutions that are reusable and disposable at the end-of-life stage whilst ensuring strength, cost-effectiveness, and reducing vehicle mass.

25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Track

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