Sky Ocean Ventures and Ambienta SGR join forces to protect the ocean

Sky Ocean Ventures and Ambienta SGR join forces to protect the ocean

March 6, 2019
Press Release: Ambienta

Impact investment vehicle Sky Ocean Ventures, part of the Sky entertainment company, has joined forces with the European private equity fund Ambienta SGR in the fight against single-use plastic

The agreement is aimed at identifying high-impact investments in all those areas involved in the production and use of plastic for a more efficient and environmentally sustainable value chain.

To that end, Ambienta will share with Sky Ocean Ventures its proprietary methodologies and practices to assess and measure environmental impact (EIA, Environmental Impact Analysis) and integrate ESG (Environmental, Social eGovernance) principles into business management activities. These methodologies are key to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment and they have been developed by Ambienta over 10 years of successfully investing in private companies driven by sustainability trends. Furthermore, Ambienta and Sky Ocean Ventures will collaborate to build a common approach to measure the impact of plastic pollution.

Well aware of the fact that, without urgent action and adequate remedies, by 2050 the oceans will be home to more plastic than fish and willing to make an impact, in 2017 Sky launched Sky Ocean Rescue, an international campaign to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Then in 2018 Sky launched Sky Ocean Ventures, the first non-strategic impact investment fund in the FTSE100 to support research projects and start-ups committed to develop innovative ideas that will help protect the marine environment. In order to make these initiatives fully effective, Sky Ocean Ventures has also signed partnership agreements with the National Geographic and the Imperial College of London.

As part of this agreement Fabio Ranghino, Principal and Head of Sustainability and Strategy of Ambienta, will participate in Sky Ocean Ventures’ Advisory Board. Fondazione Ambienta, the non-profit organization established by Ambienta in 2010 with the aim of spreading the culture of respect for the environment and for sustainable development among the new generations will also be able to enjoy synergies with Sky Academy.

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