Plastic-free Pouch Pod makes bio-innovative impact

Plastic-free Pouch Pod makes bio-innovative impact

April 3, 2019
Press Release: EarthKind

EarthKind’s Stay Away Pouch Pod uses biomaterials and innovative technology to virtually mimic plastic

EarthKind is a USA-based producer of plant-based pest prevention products that keep away critters such as mosquitoes, mice/rats, ants, spiders and moths. There are no harmful poisons involved, however, so while the products provide freedom from such pests and the damage they can cause, our ecosystem is not harmed in any way. As you’d expect with such an approach, the design and manufacture of EarthKind’s products are equally eco-friendly. Its ‘Pouch Pod’, for instance, has been designed to not only extend the shelf-life of the brands’ ‘Stay Away’ repellent pouches, but also to be an ecological and economical alternative to plastic containers.

Made with flax-filled PLA resin, the Pouch Pod design resulted from a two-year collaboration with scientists, engineers and EarthKind’s CEO/founder, Kari Warberg Block, who is steadfast in seeking out new innovations to tackle climate change, pollution and harmful chemicals in our environment. “Working with forward-thinking, eco-minded scientists, artists and farmers on this product was not only inspiring, but reaffirmed my faith that, together, we can discover and create sustainable solutions for the products and practices that are most threatening our Earth,” she said.

EarthKind’s Pouch Pod is made from flax shive grown on North Dakota farms, creating a rigid, 100% bio-based container. The Pouch Pod is biodegradable and reusable for up to three years when decomposition naturally begins, allowing for a slow, consistent release of the pouch’s oils, preserving product for up to three times longer. It also functions to prevent children and pets from tampering with the Stay Away pouch, while protecting finished wooden surfaces and clothing that may be affected by the essential oils in the pouch.

“With this breakthrough innovation, the potential for biomaterials to reduce reliance on plastics is a reality,” Warberg Block noted. “Utilizing innovative, sustainable packaging materials and minimizing waste through design is vital for creating eco-conscious products that will decrease pollution and our carbon-footprint.”

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