Next-generation flexible packaging from Finnish specialist drives for circularity

Next-generation flexible packaging from Finnish specialist drives for circularity

April 11, 2019
Press Release: Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki blueloop builds on the company’s expertise and experience in flexible packaging manufacturing

Food and drink packaging company Huhtamaki has launched blueloop, a new range of recyclable flexible packaging made of mono-material PP, PE and paper. The solutions involve polyolefin structures to pack coffee, snacks, dry food, personal care and other fast-moving consumer products. The range also includes paper-based solutions to replace plastic packaging.

Packaging is transforming from linear one-time use to a circular model where materials are collected, recycled and reused. This movement is driven by consumer desire and behavior for more sustainable solutions, changes in legislation and companies working to create more sustainable ways to manufacture and package the goods.

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging helps close the loop by bringing recyclable packaging materials to the market. The new blueloop solutions are mono-material structures made from PP, PE and paper, building on the standard materials that are widely recycled and will have an economically viable use after collection.

“For Huhtamaki, blueloop is more than a product range, it is a learning and development platform,” commented Michael Hahl, sustainability and strategic innovation director from Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging. “Collaboration is key. We engage with the full supply chain from resin providers to our customers and recyclers. Our closest focus is on product design and manufacturing. However, collecting, sorting and reusing the recycled material are all part of the blueloop perspective.”

Huhtamaki also encourages food packers and brand owners to make recycling and pack material information much more visible on the pack, which will not only help consumers to recycle the packaging but will also build brand image and differentiate.

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