New eco-responsible packaging: zero plastic, 100% recyclable, nine times lighter

New eco-responsible packaging: zero plastic, 100% recyclable, nine times lighter

February 18, 2020
Press Release: James Cropper

At Vinexpo Paris 2020, held on 10-12 February, Maison Ruinart – the very first champagne house founded 290 years ago – announced a long-term project to re-imagine the packaging for its R, R vintage, Rosé and Blanc de Blancs cuvées

Maison Ruinart’s partnership with prestige paper innovation COLOURFORM from Plastic Free World Conference & Expo 2020 exhibitor James Cropper and luxury packaging expert Pusterla has been a real step-change project focused on re-imagining the packaging solution as an eco-responsible innovation.

Like a second skin made of paper, the packaging follows the lines of the champagne bottle’s emblematic curves and allows the integrity of the Ruinart flavor to be preserved until tasting. Its raw and sophisticated form and texture nods to Crayères, the Maison’s historic chalk-pit cellars in Reims. The perfecting of this chalk-like texture – with the richness, depth and finesse of its embossed details – represents a real feat.

“With this ‘second skin’ case, Maison Ruinart confirms its pioneering role in champagne, and its ambition in terms of social and environmental responsibility,” stated Frédéric Dufour, president of Maison Ruinart. “This project embodies the Maison’s firm commitment to more sustainable development for its packaging across all stages of the development and marketing of our products, from the tending of the vine to the consumer experience.”

“We are incredibly proud of this piece of work from our molded-fiber division COLOURFORM,” added Phil Wild, CEO, James Cropper. “The case represents another step in Maison Ruinart’s holistic approach to development which respects the environment. Marking a departure from the familiar visual codes and forms associated with the boxes used for champagne bottles, the new second skin breaks the category’s traditional offering. It embodies Maison Ruinart’s vision in a more sustainable, contemporary product, which the House hopes will inspire other players.”

The ultra-light case has been crafted from natural wood fibers sourced from sustainably managed European forests. Set to revolutionize the gift-box and cases market, the packaging is also eco-designed, uses zero plastic and is 100% recyclable.

“The second skin is nine times lighter than the preceding generation of boxes and allows for a 60% reduction in the packaging’s carbon footprint. It underlines the commitment of Maison Ruinart to their sustainable vision,” commented Roberto Marini, Pusterla CEO.

A total of seven prototypes were considered before achieving the final result, obtained by experimenting with different technological advances in the art of paper making, molded to precisely follow the contours of the bottle in a single piece. The absence of edges, made possible thanks to the precise, high-pressure waterjet cutting of the hull’s contours (a process specially developed for Ruinart), gives it its unique elegance, as does its closure system, activated by a snap button molded directly into the case.

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