Nalgene Outdoor and Alternative Apparel make a ‘Pledge to the Planet’ at PROJECT Las Vegas

Nalgene Outdoor and Alternative Apparel make a ‘Pledge to the Planet’ at PROJECT Las Vegas

February 18, 2020
Press Release: Nalgene Outdoor

A shared commitment to empowering people to live more sustainable lifestyles has brought together Nalgene Outdoor, maker of reusable water bottles, and Alternative Apparel, clothing made from recycled materials, in a collaboration to reduce single-use plastic during PROJECT Las Vegas, one of the fashion industry’s largest events held at the start of February

The initiative, called ‘Pledge to the Planet’, rewarded attendees willing to bypass single-use plastic for the duration of the show with one free 32oz Nalgene reusable water bottle featuring Alternative Apparel’s popular camo or animal print. Pledge-takers also received a stylish ‘Wear the Difference’ Alternative t-shirt made from recycled bottles.

“’Pledge to the Planet’ was born from our companies’ shared goal to raise awareness that simple choices we make every day can have a positive impact on our planet,” explained Elissa McGee, general manager, Nalgene Outdoor.

“We are all about taking steps to make a positive impact on the environment we share,” added Michael Johnson, director of marketing for Alternative Apparel. “Whether it’s manufacturing our apparel both sustainably and responsibly as a company or choosing re-usable bottles for hydration as individuals, we know our actions can make a difference.”

Approximately 1.8 million plastic bottles recycled annually are used in Alternative EcoFabrics. In celebration of Alternative’s 25th birthday, the brand is launching six new eco fabrics as a reflection of their continued investment in protecting the environment. By 2021, Alternative is working to replace all virgin polyester with 100% recycled polyester in its manufacturing.

More than 1,460 bottles are diverted from landfills annually if just one person drinks from a re-usable bottle. To raise awareness for this simple behavior, Nalgene partners with Reverb on RocknRefill, a program at music festivals that has diverted 2.75 million single use bottles from landfills. Nalgene also launched The Nalgene Water Fund in 2019 to support access to clean water in communities across the USA.

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