‘Let’s Do Lunch’ range from Colpac ideal answer to single-use plastic packaging

‘Let’s Do Lunch’ range from Colpac ideal answer to single-use plastic packaging

March 19, 2019
Press Release: Colpac

Colpac launches paperboard catering platter range as alternative to single-use plastic

Packaging specialist Colpac has unveiled its ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ range of 100% recyclable paperboard platters, in a direct response to demands from caterers and retailers on the hunt for sustainable alternatives in a market that is dominated by single-use plastic.

During the design process, the UK-based company carried out a great deal of research with sandwich manufacturers and contract caterers to identify key functionality that needed to be incorporated into a paperboard platter solution. The feedback put time and space efficiency, hygiene, ease of use and security at the heart of product development.

Suitable for the packing of sandwiches, wraps and both savory and sweet baked products, the new ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ range comprises medium and large bases that combine with several sleeve and insert options to create a wide variety of platter options.

The bases are designed with double-thickness walls to provide additional strength and are easy to assemble as well as nestable, providing a space-efficient solution that caterers can construct in advance and stack ready to use. The integration of pop-out handles onto each of the bases provides a simple and hygienic solution to remove the base from the sleeve without risking food contamination. Meanwhile, locking tabs on the sleeves provide security once the product is filled and being transported to ensure that the contents stay within the platter.

As feedback from caterers revealed that product visibility is not always a requirement – as customers generally open the platter as soon as it is delivered – Colpac created a windowless sleeve. Competitive in price to plastic alternatives, the windowless option provides a cost-effective solution with greater branding opportunities. However, the window sleeve option features a cellulose film for visibility, enabling users to recycle the platter as a single unit.

Both of the window and windowless sleeve options have a matchbox-style opening and are suitable for same-day consumption.

The third option in the range is a tuck-end sleeve, which allows for the platter to be fully sealed to reduce the air flow, in doing so enabling caterers to fill the day before consumption. A combination platter, which completes the lineup, has been ergonomically designed to maximize the display of the packed food and features an rPET lid made from 60% recycled materials.

For caterers packing a range of different goods, such as sandwiches and cakes, into one platter, Colpac has created flexible half- and quarter-sized inserts to eliminate any cross-product contamination.

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