Koepala and Kemira test new renewable packaging formats

Koepala and Kemira test new renewable packaging formats

March 21, 2019
Press Release: Koepala

Flat makes sense for Kemira in new Koepala partnership

After scooping a ‘Food for Thought’ innovation challenge, Koepala, a sustainable packaging company providing solutions for on-the-go food, and global chemistry company Kemira have revealed they are now working in partnership. The challenge was designed to search for new business models and alternatives to single-use plastics in food packaging and as a result the two companies have now started to test these solutions.

Koepala is a Helsinki-based take-out food packaging development company that innovates, tests and seeks to commercialize new packaging concepts, the ultimate goal being to reduce the use of single-use plastics in food packaging. One of the unique elements about its solution, though, is that the packaging is engineered to be flat and flexes into a bowl shape to allow ease of use. Kemira provides the chemistry expertise in order for this unique design to take shape.

“The cooperation allows us to be very hands-on in testing our chemistry innovations for renewable food packaging,” explained Sami Puttonen, senior manager at Kemira. “At Koepala, we are driven by our environmental commitments for sustainable, flat and flexible packaging solutions,” says Koepala’s CEO Janne Asikainen.

The results of the testing are hoped to provide major leaps forward in sustainable packaging. Both organizations are committed to finding a viable solution, which provides value in the form of sustainability, commercial appeal and functionality to all players in the industry.

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