ICC helps make climate action fashion industry’s business

ICC helps make climate action fashion industry’s business

March 19, 2019
Marcia González

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has joined numerous fashion brands, retailers and other stakeholders in becoming a signatory of the ‘Fashion Charter for Climate Action’

Launched under the auspices of United Nations Climate Change by designer Stella McCartney in December 2018, the Fashion Charter for Climate Action aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement and aims to build climate action momentum by collectively addressing the climate impact of the fashion sector across its entire value chain.

“Taking action on climate is everyone’s business,” insisted John W.H. Denton, ICC secretary general. “With a network of 45 million companies, ICC has the global reach and business experience to help turn the fashion industry into a driver of the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

The charter covers a range of issues, including the decarbonization of production processes, selection of climate-friendly and sustainable materials, low-carbon transport, consumer dialog and awareness, how to work with the finance community and policymakers to catalyze scalable solutions and circular business models.

ICC reinforced its commitment at the launch event for the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion during the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA4), which was held last week in Nairobi.

“As a signatory of the charter, ICC aims to mobilize our global network – from SMEs in the supply chain to major high street and luxury brands – to draw greater attention to the fashion industry’s environmental footprint and support the mainstreaming of environmental sustainability across the global fashion value chain,” said Majda Dabaghi, director of ICC Green Inclusive Growth.

The Alliance for Sustainable Fashion is a culmination of efforts by the UN and other stakeholders to coordinate an international response to the fashion industry’s effect on the environment and take a comprehensive approach to achieve the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

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