Green scheme using Green Plastic from Braskem

Green scheme using Green Plastic from Braskem

March 27, 2019
Press Release: Braskem

Braskem signs partnership with Join the Pipe for distribution of Green Plastic water bottles in the USA and in countries in Europe and Africa

Plastic Free World Conference & Expo 2019 participant Braskem has partnered with Join the Pipe, a Dutch water company, to distribute sustainable and reusable water bottles made with the ‘I’m Green’ Green Plastic in the USA and in countries in Africa and Europe.

The distribution started in March and the income generated from marketing the product will be intended for over 300 social projects in developing countries, most of them in Africa and Asia. Projects include the installation of water pumps in villages, distribution of water in schools, and cleanup workshops to address the issue of plastic waste.

Committed to the circular economy, Braskem has been investing more and more in measures that encourage the recycling and production of new renewable resins and technologies, as well as business models that favor the reuse of plastic. Join the Pipe aims to reduce individual water bottles by offering a multipurpose solution, expanding global access to clean tap water, installing drinking water sources and delivering clean and sustainable drinking water. “Support for this initiative fits perfectly with Braskem’s goal of creating sustainable solutions that improve the lives of people,” said Marco Jansen, Braskem’s chief commercial office for Bioplastics in Europe and North America.

According to Jansen, bio-based plastic applications such as Join the Pipe’s multipurpose packaging are in line with Braskem’s efforts to encourage a global circular economy. “This partnership is an excellent example of the search for innovative and sustainable solutions through the use of plastics.”

In addition to being 100% recyclable, Braskem’s I’m Green Green Plastic is made from sugarcane, a renewable source, which contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere by capturing 3.09 metric tons of carbon dioxide during its production process.

Andrews Eversden, CEO of Join the Pipe, explained that the agreement between both companies is important for continuing the mission of providing sustainable multipurpose water bottles around the world. “By delivering safe drinking water in a locally produced reusable packaging made of Green Plastic, we can make our bottles even more sustainable,” Eversden said. “Braskem is helping us reduce our carbon footprint by supporting the mission of encouraging people around the world to drink more tap water, with reusable options.”

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