First Choice Milk ESL launches new bio-based packaging

First Choice Milk ESL launches new bio-based packaging

February 5, 2020
Press Release: Woodlands Dairy

Woodlands Dairy, the manufacturer of First Choice’s ESL milk, has partnered with Nampak, its extended shelf life pack suppliers, to bring a new bio-based pack to market

First Choice Fresh Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk, manufactured by Woodlands Dairy, one of the largest producers in South Africa, has launched its new bio-based fresh milk ESL pack.

Sporting a new look and feel, incorporating the bio-based messaging as well as a new green bio-based closure, this is yet another move from Woodlands Dairy to show their commitment to making small changes for the greater good and driving its sustainability agenda. Woodlands Dairy partnered with Nampak, their extended shelf life pack suppliers, to bring this innovative pack to market – the first in SA.

“This relaunch is not our first in our sustainability journey,” commented Marisa Maccaferri, marketing manager for Woodlands Dairy and First Choice. “Besides all the initiatives at our mega plant in Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape, we were the first in the country to move to bio-based packaging materials on most of our UHT products. The new ESL pack closures are partly made from plastics derived from plant-based material. Plant-based or bio-based materials are made from renewable resources that can be sustainably planted and harvested, such as sugar cane. Our cartons are also greener and made from more than 80% plant-based raw materials, which ensures that the whole pack is now 100% recyclable. We truly believe in reducing our impact on the environment and these new closures and packs will ultimately help us do just that.”

According to Maccaferri, consumers are increasingly becoming eco-conscious and demand recyclability, sustainability and eco-friendliness from the brands they buy. “Most plastics still use non-renewable, petroleum-based resources such as oil as a key ingredient, which has a negative impact on the environment. Packs made from renewable materials are the obvious choice as its both eco-friendly and sustainable.”

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