Eastman unveils another innovation to address plastic waste crisis

Eastman unveils another innovation to address plastic waste crisis

April 5, 2019
Marcia González

A busy month for Eastman sees the company unveil two breakthrough technologies to combat plastic waste

After announcing plans to launch an advanced circular recycling technology that breaks down polyester waste that cannot be recycled by current mechanical methods into basic polymer building blocks that can be reintroduced as new polyester-based polymer, Eastman has now unveiled what it calls carbon renewal technology, which is capable of recycling some of the most complex plastic waste, including non-polyester plastics and mixed plastics that cannot be recycled with conventional technologies. With this new recycling technology, materials such as flexible packaging and plastic films, among others, can be diverted from landfills.

By modifying the front end of Eastman’s cellulosics production, carbon renewal technology uses plastic waste as feed-stock and converts it back to simple and versatile molecular components. The process partially oxidizes the plastic and, at a very high efficiency, converts it into the basic building blocks of certain Eastman products, including Advanced Materials and Fibers segment products that serve ophthalmics, durables, packaging, textiles and non-wovens end-use markets.

Eastman has completed pilot tests at its Kingsport site and plans commercial production in 2019 by leveraging existing assets.

The company is also exploring commercial collaborations to yield mixed plastic waste to be recycled through carbon renewal technology at commercial scale.

“Eastman is now uniquely positioned to deliver two powerful innovation solutions that target different plastic waste streams that pose complex challenges,” commented Mark Costa, board chair and CEO. “Plastics are used in so many important ways. But because some don’t have good end-of-life solutions or are discarded, the world is facing a problem of significant magnitude.”

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