Consumers voices are clear, says Club Coffee: they don’t want plastic!

Consumers voices are clear, says Club Coffee: they don’t want plastic!

April 26, 2019
Marcia González

New data shows 40% growth for brands with compostable pods as consumers want less plastic

Club Coffee, a supplier of plant-based, compostable single-serve coffee pods, has revealed that it will introduce a new compostable pod compatible with Nespresso Original Line brewers and is moving to compostable packaging for its single-serve pods. These further innovations are fueled by the significant 40% growth in national branded compostable pod sales.

“With consumers turning against plastic coffee pods and other single-use plastics, brands see that plant-based compostable single-serve formats deliver big results,” said John Pigott, Club Coffee CEO. “This is great news for our customers and their consumers. The demand for espresso pods is growing fast and as the market leader, we are pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to dominate this exploding market with a plant-based, compostable pod.” Brands will be able to roll out the Nespresso-compatible plant-based pods later this year.

Pigott also announced that Club Coffee is also on track to a full brand compostable ecosystem. New innovations include compostable freshness overwrapping for individual pods and the introduction of fully compostable packaging for larger quantities of pods in 2020.

“The data is clear,” Pigott continued. “Consumers love compostable – especially when the alternative is petro-plastic that recyclers typically don’t want.” Last year, an estimated 56 billion coffee pods were sent to landfills.

That backlash against plastics is picking up steam with growing health concerns about the chemicals in food packaging such as plastic pods. As Safer Made noted in a recent report, “As people become aware of packaging’s pollution and health impacts they are seeking safer packaging. Brands and retailers need to make their packaging safer for people and the natural world.”

“A conventional single-serve coffee pod is made of plastic, has a liner and is extraordinarily difficult to recycle,” explained Dr Calvin Lakhan, research scientist with Canada’s largest waste research project ‘The Waste Wiki Project’ at York University in Toronto. “Compostable pods abate twice as much carbon when compared to plastic pods, but at approximately 1/20th of the cost – it is both the economically and environmentally preferred option.”

PurPod100 uses plant-based components including the lid, ring, coffee and mesh to create a format that enables consumers to smell the coffee in the pod. In addition to certification, it was the first single-serve pod approved by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA), representing major American composters.

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