Consumer preference for sustainable packaging leads to rise in popularity for Nor-Grip

Consumer preference for sustainable packaging leads to rise in popularity for Nor-Grip

April 1, 2019
Press Release: Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa reports growing interest in sustainable alternative to shrink film

Paper-based packaging specialist Smurfit Kappa has stated that it has seen a marked increase in the number of companies seeking sustainable replacements for shrink film for multipacks.

The company – which launched its ‘Better Planet Packaging’ initiative last year – has been working on a portfolio of products designed to replace shrink film, beginning with the innovative Nor-Grip solution.

Assembled in an automated packing line, the Nor-Grip is a corrugated solution that securely bundles products, such as large bottles, together into consumer units, in doing so eliminating the need for shrink film.

A recent Smurfit Kappa Consumer Insights Survey 2018 based on 1,200 shoppers using EyeSee eye-tracking technology found that 75% of consumers have a preference for the sustainable Nor-Grip product versus a plastic shrink film. In the wake of growing concerns about the amount of packaging waste going into the world’s oceans and landfill, an increasing number of global brands have approached the company to provide recyclable alternatives for single-use plastics such as shrink film.

The Nor-Grip product is suitable for a wide range of products that typically come in large bottles, including soft drinks, cooking oils, bottled water and detergents. It was put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure it was robust enough to carry even the heaviest loads throughout all aspects of the supply chain. What’s more, the corrugated material is also an excellent base for high-impact printing to make brands stand out in-store.

It is assembled by the Nor-Grip Applicator – an efficient machine created by a team of experts in the Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems division. The combination of sophisticated automation, extensive supply chain and consumer knowledge and innovative product design ensures the fastest speed to market for customers.

Smurfit Kappa is also developing and testing a number of additional products such as the Multipack ‘Sleever’ sister product which is used for smaller products such as bottled beer and canned goods that will be added to its Shrink Film multipack portfolio in the coming months.

“The Nor-Grip product is one of the most popular products highlighted through our Better Planet Packaging initiative and the enquiries have been flooding in from customers over the last few months,” commented Arco Berkenbosch, vice president of Innovation & Development at Smurfit Kappa. “It is a great example of a sustainable packaging solution that can be implemented today.

“We are excited about the potential that it has because it is simple, effective and of course 100% recyclable.”

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