Clairant and Polymateria launch partnership to bring new ‘Biotransformation’ technology to South East Asian market

Clairant and Polymateria launch partnership to bring new ‘Biotransformation’ technology to South East Asian market

October 22, 2019
Lloyd Fuller

A newly announced partnership will combine Polymateria’s technology, which uses renewable raw materials, and Clariant’s Masterbatch expertise

Polymateria, a UK company developing a new standard in biodegradable and compostable plastics, has announced a partnership with Clariant, a leading specialty chemical company, to bring its new Biotransformation technology to market in South East Asia.

Polymateria and Clariant have decided to focus on South East Asia as this is the main source of ‘fugitive’ plastic globally. Fugitive plastic is the 32% of plastic each year which escapes the circular economy and leaks into the natural environment.

Previous issues with biodegradable solutions have faltered in the past, largely due to the creation of microplastic and lack of compatibility with recycling systems. There has also been confusion from consumers around what action to take once they are finished with the packaging.

In order for the circular economy to work, products need to be designed with end of use in mind, ensuring that the materials used are good for all life. What’s really needed for the circular economy to work is ‘Good Cycling’, which ensures the materials used are able to return to nature when the technical cycle fails without causing any ecotoxicology issues. Any plastic that is unable to demonstrate this, whether degraded or not, is simply ‘Bad Cycling’.

The concept of ‘Good Cycling’ has influenced/been behind the development of Polymateria’s Biotransformation technology which ensures return to nature without creating microplastic. It also ensures products don’t begin biodegrading until a pre-programmed timeframe has elapsed and importantly allows for recycling to take place.

“We are delighted to partner with Clariant to bring our Biotransformation technology to market in South East Asia, with the ambition to combine our technology and formulation know-how with their global reach and production capabilities and knowledge of the Masterbatches market,” commented Niall Dunne, CEO of Polymateria.

“Clariant Masterbatches has a clear strategy towards sustainability, supporting recycling, bioplastics and biodegradation through partnerships,” added Dr Jan Sueltemeyer, global head of Innovation & Sustainability at Clariant. “Polymateria provides a missing link for us and we are excited to bring this technology to regions of the world where fugitive plastic is greatest. Together we will also support government and standards bodies around the world to accelerate work on a new standard for biodegradability.”

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