Biodegradable and commercially viable single-use plastic alternative launched by RWDC Industries

Biodegradable and commercially viable single-use plastic alternative launched by RWDC Industries

June 12, 2019
Press Release: RWDC Industries

Solon is certified by European certification authority TÜV Austria to safely biodegrade in natural environments, leaving absolutely no harmful remains or by-products. It is made from sustainably produced, renewable feedstock, is incredibly versatile, and available at a commercially viable price

RWDC Industries announced the launch of its Solon brand at Ecosperity Week 2019 last week in Singapore. The innovative sustainable material solution has hundreds of possible applications for everyday life and has been mooted to be an ideal material for replacing petrol-based single-use plastic items, such as cutlery, cups, bags, plates, and bowls, although it will be introduced as a drinking straw product initially.

Solon is a type of PHA (or polyhydroxylalkanoate) – a biopolymer naturally produced and optimized by RWDC to enable a global solution to today’s plastic waste management challenge.

Since winning The Liveability Challenge 2018, RWDC has had an exciting year, which included not only some highly promising product trials in a number of applications with its clients and this exciting product launch, but also US$22 million of new funding in April and its first US-based institutional investor.

“There are a number of ‘compostable’ single-use plastic alternatives on the market,” said Dr Daniel Carraway, RWDC’s co-founder and CEO. “However, these materials can only be composted in well managed, commercial composting facilities that are equipped to operate with precise control systems.”

Governments around the world are beginning to legislate aggressively on plastic waste. RWDC supports the initiatives of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ but notes these steps are not enough to alter the growth trajectory of plastic waste, risking serious consequences. RWDC believes a better solution is to ‘replace’ single-use plastics with the right material, PHA – an unmodified, naturally occurring polymer that offers many of the benefits, versatility and functionality of petroleum plastic materials, while enabling a safe outcome in all potential post-consumer end of life scenarios.

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