AllianzGI partners with The Sea Cleaners on ocean plastic pollution

AllianzGI partners with The Sea Cleaners on ocean plastic pollution

June 12, 2019
Press Release: AllianceGI

Five-year partnership will offer engagement opportunities for AllianzGI’s clients and colleagues, support the launch of ‘The Manta’, a new ship with renewable technologies

Active investment manager, Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), has entered into a five-year partnership with ‘The Sea Cleaners’, a new project designed to combat plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. AllianzGI’s support for The Sea Cleaners is a natural fit with the firm’s commitment to sustainable investing, with the partnership also set to open up new engagement opportunities for AllianzGI’s colleagues and clients, many of whom are already actively working to combat plastic waste.

Partnering with AllianzGI will support the development of ‘The Manta’, The Sea Cleaners’ giant new waste collection ship. Measuring in at 70m long, 49m wide and 61m high, The Manta is expected to take to the seas in 2022. It will use state-of-the-art technology to collect plastic macro-debris in high-density areas such as coastlines and estuaries before they break up and disperse and irreversibly damage bio-diversity. As well as mass collecting discarded plastic, the ship, powered by wind turbines, solar panels and automized rigs, will conduct cutting-edge scientific research, with The Sea Cleaners providing open-source data. One energy recovery unit will also convert non-recyclable plastics to run the ship and the onboard factory.

On land, The Sea Cleaners work to raise awareness among future generations of the harm caused by plastic pollution through a wide range of activities in schools and fairs. As part of this new partnership, AllianzGI colleagues will have the chance to participate in events with The Sea Cleaners’ team focused on reducing plastic pollution and leaders from The Sea Cleaners will attend and support AllianzGI’s range of Sustainability events.

“A shocking nine million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year – that’s about 300kg per second,” commented Thorsten Heymann, global head of Strategy at AllianzGI. “As an active, long-term investor, with sustainable investing in our DNA, we want to play an active role in combating the scourge of plastic pollution, a common cause we share with The Sea Cleaners. Together, we can help protect the oceans for future generations.

“This partnership is something we are passionate about for two reasons: firstly, it resonates with a critical part of our value proposition for clients, reflecting our desire to take a truly holistic approach to investing sustainably: and secondly, the joint journey will provide new ways for our colleagues and clients to engage with a topic that we know they care about a great deal.”

“Ocean plastic pollution is an ecological catastrophe and we are delighted to make this partnership with AllianzGI, because their values and sustainability scope are very closely aligned with ours,” added Yvan Bourgnon, president and founder of The Sea Cleaners. “Innovation, international and long-term action, sustainable development, biodiversity protection, education: let’s put people back at the heart of important ecological challenges. We are proud to work on this exciting mission and to build together a story about saving the oceans with a partner like AllianzGI.”

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